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CellHunter is a game with the goal to find as much unknown mobile cells as you can and submit them. You are playing in groups against other groups and collect the information together. Depending on the type of the collected cell you get points. New cells count more points than already known cells.

To play the game you need an Openmoko Cellphone running a FSO based distribution (like SHR) and a working Internetconnection on it. The best is to have GPRS so you cann submit information everywhere you are. With CellHunter you grab the cell information and submit them to the server. You send about 1kb data per cell so with all 7 cells you will get a transfer volume of about 7kb.

You can download the program here (Package, Version 0.5.0) / (Debian) / (Source). To install just copy it to your Openmoko and run "opkg install ./cellhunter_0.5.0_armv4t.ipk". Now you can start hunting cells.

Upon the first start you will be asked for a groupname and a password for this group. A non-existing group will be created automatically. Now everyone knowing this password can collect points for your team. With the "CellID abfragen" button you refresh the cell information (CellID, GPS, Serverstatus). A click on "Daten uebertragen" transfers the data so the server.

This can be automatically done with the buttons below. Note: Cells submitted with GPS coordinates count more points, so it worth waiting to get a fix before you start transmitting.

As a nice sideeffect (or it can be the reason to participate) we will get a whole list with all cells and when there is enough data per cell we will get the position of it. With the position you we can provide "location based services" or something like that. But in the meantime you can collect points. You can query the database with the Google KML format, with the time i will offer a real api.

Please report Bugs to cellhunter "at" omoco "dot" de. I also like to hear every thing i can improve, so mail me with your ideas.

At this point i like to thank the following persons:
- petabyte (for the Debian package)
- Thomas [tsm121 "at" gmail "dot" com] (for the icon)

So at the end I just like to say: Have Fun!

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Groupname / Act. / NCGNCOCnGOCoGOCoGnOCPointsExport
21478 1349 776 255753 480096 60894 1350903 
(Anonym)16170 3889 1559 236905 282994 122980 1099885 
BS connection    
13350 1220 410 186679 121030 23960 870479 
11543 1029 1021 224543 495685 232401 822193 
12066 2653 898 125676 217282 159920 764486 
10687 232 259 160185 185671 17156 699445 
7618 1355 554 125308 303032 179387 525298 
6178 569 353 134306 127702 19351 452426 
6400 217 174 104547 583417 9591 428457 
6327 1174 519 89072 105764 37145 422352 
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Groupname   Name of the collecting group. By clicking on the group name you can view more information about this group and edit them. A denotes an existing infotext.
NCGNumber of cells unknown until now and transmitted with GPS data. (New Cells with Gps) 50 Points
NCNumber of cells unknown until now and transmitted without GPS data. (New Cells) 10 Points
OCnGNumber of cells already known but without GPS data until now and transmitted with GPS data. (Old Cells new Gps) 10 Points
OCoGNumber of cells already known with GPS data until now and transmitted with GPS data. (Old Cells old Gps) 1 Points
OCoGnNumber of cells already known with GPS data until now and transmitted with GPS data and its location is too near to an already known cell. (Old Cells old Gps near) 0 Points
OCNumber of cell already known transmitted without GPS data. (Old Cells) 0 Points
ExportChoose type of export. Map export does only display the last 100 entries.
ColorThe green gets darker when within the groups disactivity. There are 4 steps: 12, 24, 48 hours and activity in the last week.

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